How you could help this blog

Firstly, thanks very much for clicking on this, and for your interest in the blog’s success.

As you can probably tell, this blog is fairly bare-bones, so I don’t foresee asking anybody for money — just for their patience with the inevitable WordPress ads that are the trade-off.

Content: The easiest (and most important) way to help this blog (and your provincewide colleagues) is by e-mailing your thoughts, questions, rants, and pictures to  What are you contending with?  What’s helping you to survive or thrive?  What are you wondering if you’re the only one going through?  Please consider sharing your thoughts — even if it’s what we’re all thinking.  Especially if it’s what we’re all thinking.

As ever, all contributions are anonymized, even when that is not requested.

The thoughts and experiences of contract faculty are especially welcome.  (And I’ll take this opportunity to highlight the (U.S.-based) blogs accessible via

You can also communicate by leaving “comments” in the comments section.  Currently, comments are moderated, meaning that they won’t appear on the website until I view them.  Comments are also used (again, anonymously) as a basis for future blog-posts.

Wiki: If you look on the home page’s “links” menu, you’ll notice a link to a wiki that I have set up — I’m trying to crowdsource a list of the thousand or so things that faculty have to consider or decide or accomplish in order to design and prepare an effective online class.  I’m going to be trying to populate as I prepare my summer classes, but I would greatly appreciate your contributions.

Feel free to add them to that page (anonymously) in any format whatsover — one point/item per line; I’ll take the liberty of organizing and reorganizing as we go.

Graphics: I would also welcome if anyone were able to design a square site icon logo (aka a blavatar — I’m told that 512 x 512px is best, but whatever works on a variety of screens is welcome.

I’d also like to replace the site header, and would welcome any contributions to that effect.  I’m told that 1280 x 444 px is best for WordPress (though I might be going with something shorter), any size that would be appropriate for mobile screens.

Audio-Visual: I’m entertaining the vague  possibility of adapting this into an occasional podcast at some in the distant future.  If you have any skills or advice in this regard, please reach out at my e-mail, above.  I’d welcome any insights.