About this Blog

This blog is devoted first and foremost to discussing workplace issues that affect the professors, librarians, and counsellors at Ontario’s Colleges.  I’m grateful that you’ve stopped by.

I invite the community of Ontario College faculty to use this space to consider issues including collegiality, professionalism, and the academic quality of Ontario’s colleges (and the graduates thereof), as well as the needs of our students and our province.

The college prof in question is me, Dr. Jonathan Singer, English Professor and elected steward and officer of OPSEU Local 560 (which represents Full-Time and Partial-Load faculty at Toronto’s Seneca College).

Feel free to let me know what’s on your mind by contacting me at ontariocollegeprof@yahoo.com (or by replying to a post — I moderate all replies; they tend to be published in future posts rather than in a Comments section).  I’m happy to publish letters representing a broad spectrum of opinions, although I retain the right to voice my own.  The easiest way to get a letter published on the blog is to address it to the general community of Ontario college professors and to write in a respectful tone.  All published responses/letters will be kept anonymous (but if you want to give yourself a pseudonym, knock yourself out).

I may retroactively edit posts and pages.  Edits for the sake of language improvements won’t be indicated; factual corrections will.

The speech undertaken in this blog is undertaken with respect to my roles as an Ontario postsecondary educator and a Union steward.  It enjoys all legal protections offered in Canada and Ontario, as well as those afforded by Seneca College’s Policy on Academic Freedom, and the CAAT-A Collective Agreement.

This blog should not be understood to represent the opinions of OPSEU, OPSEU  Local 560, or the CAAT-A division or Divisional Executive of OPSEU.  Under no circumstances should any of the opinions expressed herein be understood to reflect those of Seneca College.  This blog contains speech undertaken in my capacity as a public citizen; in this capacity, I am speaking as an individual and not acting as a representative of the College.